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 Outbreak Chapter 2

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PostSubject: Outbreak Chapter 2   Wed Aug 19, 2009 8:39 pm

Outbreak Ch. 2


Five days earlier

I sat on the couch looking through the window at the hundreds of fires spread throughout the city. Our city, Delth, floated exactly one mile above the surface of the planet Lhasa, a horrible place of toxic bogs and aggressive animals. Originally Delth had been a simple outpost in space, the Galactic Federation (GF) wanted control of all semi-inhabitable planets possible, to prevent the Mortiga from taking control

I watched some Pliigi fire trucks fly through the sky desperately to put out all the fires before they spread, but to no avail. The fires had started about two days ago by some mad rebels. Eventually those few rebels turned into a quarter of our population.

A new disease, called the Mech Flu, had spread throughout our city quickly and left scientists desperate to find a cure or vaccine. Eventually they had found both, but since our planet was so small we had no government, meaning a private company had made it and they would only sell it.

This company, Llewsac Industries, sold the vaccines for the price of a new car, and the cures for the price of a new house. They were crazy.

Supposedly the Mech Flu had come from a recon mech down on the surface, who had somehow gotten the bacteria attached to it and when it came back it spread, fast. About half a billion died in the first 3 months, a third of the population. Finally we have a cure and vaccine but only hundreds of our billion people can get it.

They had cancelled work because of the virus, and urged anyone who didn't have the vaccine to stay home. So that's what I did.

For the next couple of days I had a boring life, stay home, eat, watch the news. But on the fourth day something on the news caught my eye. An Asian reporter with jet black hair was reporting on a new story, in from of the Llewsac building.

"In a shocking statement, today the head of Llewsac Industries, Arthur Llewsac, stated that he will make the cure and vaccine free of charge tomorrow, stating that 'Selling these for a price is causing more harm than healing.' So tomorrow you have the opportunity to come to Llewsac Industries and get your vaccine. To get the cure, simply call them and they will have a specialized team come to your house so as not to spread it. This is Lisa Wendor, 15 News."

I sat stunned in front of the TV. Arthur Llewsac, giving something free? It had to be a joke. He was the most conceited man on the planet, and we had a lot of those. Something was nagging me at the back of my mind, but I shook it in the happiness that I could go out with my friends and enjoy being away from home.


Please comment, all criticism is accepted. Ch. 3 coming soon.

And if you thought you knew what was coming, you have no idea.[i]
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Outbreak Chapter 2
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